Acrylic Star
The Clan Solo Artist The Chancers
In 1998 David emigrated to Perth, Western Australia with his wife and kids. He was keen to get back into playing/writing asap. As luck would have it his brother Johnny was already living there and they sought out a drummer. After a few false starts they met Rick. David wanted to keep it simple. He returned to bass duties/vocals with Johnny on guitar/vocals. They rehearsed all original material, recorded the ep you can listen to here.
Gigging extensively around Perth venues such as The Grovesnor and The White Sands, Acrylic Star had a reputation for hard driven pop rock.
The name Acrylic Star came from a t-shirt David was wearing at the time..."Acrylic" on the label and a "star" was also noted by the band that although a previous choice of name FART might not work...ACRYLIC - man made STAR - gas... was a reasonable substitute.
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The Clan Solo Artist The Chancers








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