The Chancers
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Surprisingly, You may not have heard of The Chancers. Close family, friends and a few others who attended their "gigs", initially held in David's parents house, will testify to the fact that they were, without a doubt, shite.
However, there were mitigating circumstances for this. They couldn't really play. They had 2 acoustic guitars and a drumkit that had seen action during the Blitz. They were, in fact, pals that wanted to be in a band.
Then one day Canada called. Yes that Canada.
The self designated "lead guitarist" Gerry McGinlay had an aunt "over fae Canada, like and she's never seen me before so she wants tae buy me somethin'. Drummer, Stevie Kane, jumped in straight away "Get her tae buy ye an ELECTRIC GUITAR!"..."AND AN AMP!!!" David chimed..."and I'll be the bass guitar."
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Stevie, stunned, looked at David and said "You cannae play a bass guitar. You huvnae got a bass guitar...and YOU CANNAE PLAY A BASS GUITAR!!!" David uttered those famous words handed down through the ages by young kids with only an acoustic guitar who were desperate to be in a band... "It can't be that hard. I think its only got 4 strings!?!" Gerry went off to negotiate with Aunty Canada, Stevie said something about "I'm gonna see if ma Dad will go guarantor on a real drum kit" and David sat there considering the rammifications of his outburst. "Bass guitar!.???..Bass guitar!! ?????
David, self designated lead singer and recently annointed bass guitarist, thought long and hard. 5 mins later he announced to his parents that he would need to get a bass guitar. 5 seconds later they told David that he would need to get a summer job!
A week into a 3 week summer job, building shelves for a Bookbinding Company in Grangemouth, he met his Mum in Falkirk after work so that she could pay his bus fare home and thus save every penny he had for the bass guitar.
Mum needed a new Iron. So they went to that kind of shop that doesn't exist anymore that sold Irons, tea pots, kettles and bass guitars. Well there was only one bass guitar to be fair, hanging on the wall next to soup ladels and tea cosys. David wasn't looking for a bass guitar in that shop. He never noticed it until Mum went up to pay for her new Iron.
The guy behind the counter said "Anything else, Pet?" Mum said "No, thank you" and David said "is that a bass guitar?"
He wasn't sure, but it looked like only 4 strings. The guy said "Aye, son. It's ma eldest boy's.
He wants 18 quid for it." So after some negotiating with Mum regarding his current and future potential earning over the coming next two weeks, David and his Mum walked from the shop clutching their much needed two acquisitions.
The Chancers would go on to share billing with Linlithgow band The Freeze and Dunfermaline based band The Skids.
The Chancers would go on to share billing with Linlithgow band The Freeze and Dunfermaline based band The Skids.
Other bands from Central Scotland formed at this time include, Matt Vinyl and the Decorators, The Revillos/Rezillos, The Scars and The Associates.
The Chancers broke up when David relocated to Ireland.
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